Trinocular infinity polarizing microscope 40X - 600X


Subject: Trinocular infinity polarizing microscope 40X - 600X
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Optional USB Digital Camera for PC Display
Optional CCD Camera for TV Display
Our microscopes and accessories are manufactured under the strict guidelines established
under ISO 9001: 2000 Standards. Certificate number: 3302/200213192.
* A superior high quality professional infinity corrected polarizing microscope!
* Perfect for geology, petrology, mineralogy, toxicology, pharmaceutics, and forensic medicine!
* Infinity corrected Plan distressing objectives for super quality images.
* 360° rotatable stage with locking control.
* Koehler illumination system with swing type achromatic condenser.
* Built-In focusable Bertrand lens on rotatable disc with centering controls.
* Built-in analyzer with capability for removal from optical path.
* 30° inclined 360° rotatable sliding trinocular head.
* Four magnification settings, 40X, 100X, 400X, 600X.
* PL high-eyepoint eyepieces included.
* Large mechanical stage with stain resistant finish.
* Photo/video capability with 23mm universal/standard photo port.
* Full optical glass elements.
* Precise ground glass lens.
* All metal mechanical parts
* Coaxial coarse and fine focusing.
* Dual focusing control knobs.
* Focusing tension control mechanism.
* Adjustable interpupillary distance.
* Adjustable diopters on both eye tubes.
* Solid metal frame construction with stain resistant enamel finish.
* Super widefield 30mm eyepieces.
* High resolution crystal clear images.
* Color corrected infinity optical system.
* Graduated in 1 degree for 90 degrees.
* 360 degree rotatable polarizer able to be removed from optical path and lock positions.
* Brightfield/polarizing selectable knob for easily changing light from brightfield to polarization.
* Four magnification settings: 40X, 100X, 400X and 600X.
* Super widefield high eye-point 10x eyepieces with 22 mm field of view (PL 10x/22mm).
* High-eyepoint optics for an easy observation, especially for eyeglass wearers.
* Four DIN strain-free Plan Achromatic infinity corrected objectives included: 4x, 10x, 40x (Spring), 60x (Spring).
* Reversed quadruple nosepiece! A Better Design that allows Easier Access to the Slides since objectives are pointed out of the way!
* Objective centering screws on nosepiece for precise alignment.
* 30 degree inclined 360 degree rotatable trinocular head.
* 50mm - 80mm adjustable interpupillary distance (the distance between two eyes).
* Oculars with Adjustable Diopter.
* Sub-stage Condenser on Swing with Condenser Alignment Controls and Iris Diaphragm.
* Rack & Pinion Steel Gears for Easy and Better Condenser Movement.
* Blue Filter, 45mm, for Base Illuminator.
* Large Fully Rotatable Stage with Ball Bearing Movement, 160mm diameter with graduation marks every 1 degree for the full 360 degrees.
* Stage Rotation Lock Screw.
* Detachable Stage Slide Clips.
* Tension-adjustable Coarse Focusing.
* Adjustable Lock Ring Stopper to Limit Coarse Range to Protect Slides.
* 30W Intensity-variable Halogen Transmitted Illumination.
* Koehler Illumination System with Focusable Field Diaphragm on Base to allow for Better Control and more Efficient Use of Light Source. This gives Improved Image Quality!
* Spare bulb, fuse, bottle of immersion oil, and dust cover included.
* Optional PLAN objectives: 20X, 100XS (oil).
* Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control standards.
* Excellent FIVE (5) year factory warranty.
* Lowest price guaranteed or the difference back!
* Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!
* Eyepieces: PL10X (22mm field of view) flat-field eyepieces with eye-guard and PL10X22mm Plan eyepiece with reticle.
* Objectives: infinity Plan distressing objectives: 4xS, 10xS, 40xS, 60xS.
* Head: 30° inclined Gemel type of trinocular head.
* Midst Head: build-in analyzer and Bertrand lens, rotating range of analyzer: 90°, a dose value of vernier 6', being able to shift out the optical way. With Bertrand lens diverter and focusing handwheel, centering adjustment.
* Compensator: λ plate (f18mm, first-order red, light path aberration: 551nm); λ/4 plate (f18mm, light path aberration: 147.3nm); Quartzose chock (12×28mm, I - IV).
* Focusing System: coaxial coarse & fine controls.
* Coarse Adjustment Travel Range: 28mm. (Stage Movement Distance Up/Down)
* Fine Adjustment Division: 0.002mm.
* Stage: rotatable circular, 360° rotatable circular worktable, a dose value of mark 1, a dose value of vernier 6'.
* Condenser: NA1.2/0.22 swing type achromatic condenser.
* Polarizer: 360° (0°/90°/180°/270° four type graduation) rotatable vibration, apparatus with locking, being able to shift out the optical way.
* Objective Centering Wrench : 1.5 mm.
* Camera/Video Port: 23mm universal/standard phototube.
* Illumination: Koehler illuminator system, 6V/30W halogen bulb, adjustable brightness, CE certified.
* Power Supply: 90V~240V fluctuate of voltage.
* Total Overall Height of Microscope: 485mm.
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