Tri-fuel winco 16HP briggs 9000 generator


Subject: Tri-fuel winco 16HP briggs 9000 generator
9,000 watt/8000 watt continous
Electric Start-battery not included
Detailed Information subject to change.
Refer to "Operatiors Manual" for more
DB Rating @ 7 meters (23 ft.)
Continuous Power Rating (watts)
Continuous Current Rating (A.C. amps)
Generator Type (R.F.B. / R.F.L. / R.A.B.)
Recommended Battery Size (Group/CCA)
View Receptacle Straight Blade (NEMA 5-30R)
View Receptacle Twist Lock (NEMA L14-30R)
* Purchasing from an authorized Winco Generators Dealer
* Switch fuel sources within a matter of minutes!
* Tri Fuel Generator-Set up to run on gasoline, LP, or natural gas.