Trans tech DUOSEAL90 sealed ink cup pad printingmachine


Subject: Trans tech DUOSEAL90 sealed ink cup pad printingmachine
Trans Tech Duoseal90 Sealed Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine.
Multiple Cycles for Double Printing
6 Digit Parts Counter With Reset.
With Infinitely Variable Speed (by pneumatic flow controls and print cycle delay)
Maximum print diameter 80mm (circle) 56mm (square)
1300 maximum continuous cycles per hour (2 color - without pad clean or pad delay)
Pad print delay 0.0 to 3.0 seconds.
280 Pound of force at 90 PSI pad pressure.
Pneumatic and electromechanical drive.
220 VAC, 1 phase, 2.5 Amps Input.
Air Requirement 3.9 CFM at 90PSI
With Programmable LOGIC controller.
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