Tractor puller, torque amplifier for farmall & ih


Subject: Tractor puller, torque amplifier for farmall & ih
D.Stephens from Virginia can be seen using one of these units in a tractor that is running estimated 700HP And doing a good job!!
These units are sold with NO warrenty due to the nature of abuse that goes with TRACTOR PULLING. BUT They will perform well and stand up to, and above 600 HP. There is a couple of other parts that need to be changed out in order to run this TA in your tractor. The quill shaft is longer to accomadate the two extra clutch discs. This peice sells for $150 additional. The IPTO shaft also needs to be shortened to clear the front carrier bearing, or we can supply the short one for $125.
THERE IS A WAY TO CUSTOM ORDER GEARS TO CHANGE THE AMOUNT OF REDUCTION BETWEEN DDrive AND TA. This costs $270 for the gear in the TA and an additional $270 for the gear on the lower shaft.
We also stock and sell all the related parts to go along with the install in your tractor such as MCV hydraulic pumps @$255, clutches, IPTO drives and rear seals and seal and gasket kits. As in our Ta's we have many improved performance peices for those applications as well.
I will try to explain the photo's here now. Using numbers in decending order with odd numbers on left column and even of course will be on right. #1 is a shot of a TA. #2 is of the Renould sprag. #3 is a comparison, left side is our sprag, center is HYCAP and far right is factory IH. #4 is a picture of the PULLING TA, special Quill shaft and the gear on lower shaft. #5 and 6 are pics of the front bearing modification. #7, 8 and 9 are of the longer quill shaft, the five clutch discs in high side and how they fit together. #10 is a picture of one of the special gears used to acheive less reduction in down shift. #11 and 12 show the peices out of a competitiors sprag next to the sprag we sell.