Tractor - ford 2N - 1943- refurbished , antique.


Subject: Tractor - ford 2N - 1943- refurbished , antique.
This tractor is back together. Looks good.
Refurbished. This tractor is back together. A 1943.
Pic. of restoring in process & the "before" pic. is seen in this description plus the "after" pic..
"After" pic taken in garage where tractor has been kept since restoration.
This tractor is back together, but will need gas tank drained before trying to start it, as the tractor started to sputter, after we drove it a mile, after restoring it.
We just put it in the garage and have not dealt with this issue since then. Also, probably needs new fuel filter.
The new grill in pic was $73.00.
We have been informed that Ford tractors with the serial #'s 9N105412 thru 9N126574 (of which this tractor is one of these) were built in 1943 and are model 2N's.
Also, that the 2N were first introduced in mid-1942 and that all 2N serial #'s started with 9N.
We do not have the time/energy, or expertise to do this & Art must depart with some of his "treasures".
Also, it could be used as a good parts tractor, if you are restoring other 2N's.