Toyoda gx-25 x 32 cylindrical grinder. (663951)


Subject: Toyoda gx-25 x 32 cylindrical grinder. (663951)
1987 Toyoda GX-25 x 32 Cylindrical Grinder.
90 Degree (Straight) Wheelhead
Ballscrew and Electric Servo Drive of X and X Axis
Coolant System With Combination Magnetic and Fabric Filter
Max Load Between Centers 176 lbs
Grinding Wheel, Standard Diameter 16"
Grinding Wheel, Standard Width 3"
Grinding Wheel, Standard Hole Diameter 5"
Table Rapid Traverse Rate 197 IPM Wheelhead
Wheelhead Infeed Feed Rates .002-118 IPM
Wheelhead Horsepower 5 HP Wheelhead
(Grinding Wheel) Speed 8500 SFPM
Machine Dimensions 107" x 143"
Approx Machine Weight 9,900 lbs
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