Towable light tower 4 light 30 ft height


Subject: Towable light tower 4 light 30 ft height
The SPEC has been engineered to meet the specific needs of the construction industry and is particularly popular with rental dealers, A full-sized, 30'(9.1m) extended height floodlighting tower that is easy to move by hand, the Spec produces enough light to illuminate 7 football fields (7-1/2 acres).
Safe, Rugged Design...Designed and built to exacting standards of safety and structural integrity, Can take the punishment, regardless of job and, climatic conditions.
Product Specifications (Specifications may change due to continuous product development)
This item is in good operating condition and runs well. Item does have some cosmetic defects from normal wear, but runs well. For more information please send e-mails to or call Nickell Rental at .
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