Total control tcp marathon ser plc flat panel computer


Subject: Total control tcp marathon ser plc flat panel computer
This listing is for a TCP industrial flat panel computer.
* MONITOR: MSDIS-1500K (Revision A.00)
* Here is a breakdown of the model code...
* MSDIS - Standard Prefix
* 15 - 15" XGA Monitor
* 0 - No Keypad (though this unit actually has a keypad on it ... not sure what the deal is)
* 0 - Standard LCD Backlight
* COMPUTER: MSCPU-128NTA (Rev. A.00)
* Here is a breakdown of the model code...
* MSCP - Standard Prefix
* U - Standard Back CPU
* 233Mhz / Intel MMX / 128MB RAM
* Operating System: Windows NT
Here is a snip from TCP's brocure...
TCP’s new Marathon series of industrial flat panel computers and monitors with their innovative modular design will help you increase your productivity even more! Easy to install, use, upgrade and maintain, these high quality, high reliability products are built to perform. A powerful industrial PC with many display options, a Marathon computer can run virtually any application efficiently, crunching through even the most complex algorythms at amazing speeds.
State-of-the-art panel mounting and connecting systems make it perfect for the shop floor or control area. Built for harsh environments, a Marathon flat panel computer will give you many years of trouble-free service.
That’s the kind of power and stability you need for your interface devices. Flexible and robust, Marathon computers make it easy for operators to monitor and interact with machines and industrial processes.
They give you the features you need and connectivity that’s second to none. Because they’re open-system machines, they’ll easily expand with your business.
Marathon computers and monitors incorporate a unique modular design with features to make installation a snap and reduce your downtime dramatically. You can connect the CPU to the display package using no tools at all, and you don’t need a drill to mount a piece of Marathon equipment in a panel; it just clips in place.
When maintaining or upgrading, you can remove the CPU without removing the display from your panel. A CPU can be replaced in less than a minute! And because Marathon series CPUs work automatically with any size of display, you can greatly reduce your spare parts inventory costs. The modular design also allows for fast and easy future upgrades.
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This is used, and in very good condition. Guaranteed to be in proper, working order.
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