Toshiba estudio 3100C,color copier,printer,scan,11X17


Subject: Toshiba estudio 3100C,color copier,printer,scan,11X17
Current model!Just came in E3100C! 31COLOR/31 BLACK cpm color/copier/scanner/printer scan in PDF,TIFF and more....
Low meter 149k copies! New sold for over $24000! and that is without the fiery!!!
Toshiba estudio 3100C color copier/printer/scanner
Comes with: Duplex Feeder,3 universal trays,1 large capacity on the side(letter),print/scan external fiery, and Finisher(stapler/sorter)
Brochure info:
Any questions call
life cycle is over 5 millions copies
Copier was tested from the feeder(10copies made) and passed with clear copies.
Important things you need to know:
1- We sell our machines as they come in without tampering with meter or parts(other vendors change meter reading and promote their products with ridiculous low price and false low meters so they can sell them faster (it is unethical) Low meters machines usually makes sense on stand alone copiers since it is possible to have low usage.
3- Our prices are not toolow but fair (when it looks too good to be true may be it is not, so be carefull)
Copier/printer/scanner Features
Digital Electrostatic Photographic Method (Dry Process)
9,600 x 600 dpi Equivalent Marking Engine; 256 Gradations
600 x 600 dpi; 1,024 Gradations
Available Original/Copy Paper Size
Ledger/Statement-R. Stack Feed "Smart" Bypass; 12" x 18", Statement-R. Large Capacity Feeder: Letter
Cassette: 4 x 600 = 2,400; Large Capacity Feeder: 1,500; Stack Feed "Smart" Bypass: 130
Available Copy Paper Weight
17 lbs. Bond-90 lbs. Index, Letter OHP. Stack Feed "Smart" Bypass up to 158 lbs. Index
Power Supply and Consumption
120 Volts, 20A, Maximum 2.0 kW
Fiery S300 Controller GA-1131
256 MB (Standard), 768 MB MB (Maximum)
Windows 98, Me, Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003 (32 Bit), Macintosh OS 9.0-10.2.x
10BaseT, 100BaseTX, 100BaseT (RJ45)
TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk
· Garanteed against DOA. No further warranties available. If local, service agreements are available based on monthly volume.
· Copiers are delicate office equipment and may require a technician to set up and/or make minor adjustments upon arrival due to the vibration during the delivery process.