Toro dingo 322 mini skid steer runsgd/ cheap


Subject: Toro dingo 322 mini skid steer runsgd/ cheap
Item Specifics - Skid Steer Loaders
Toro has taken the original Dingo® compact utility loader and has enhanced it with exciting new features to create the Dingo® 322!
* 4-Paw™ Independent 4-Wheel Drive -Toro has engineered an all-new hydraulic drive system for the Dingo® 322. Four independent wheel motors power the Dingo® through the toughest conditions. This means there are is full hydraulic power available for all wheels all the time!
* Durable Hood A durable resin hood has been added to the Dingo® 322 to keep dirt, rocks or other debris out of the engine compartment.
* Two Large Fuel Tanks Toro has added an extra fuel tank to the Dingo® 322. Now a full 8 gallons are available to keep your crew running all day long!
* Improved Air Filter A new heavy-duty air filter has been added to the Dingo® 322. This new filter ensures your Dingo® only breathes clean air. Added durability and easy-to-change filter elements make this system an excellent choice for the Dingo®.
* High Traction, Long-lasting Tires Toro has created exclusive Sitework™Systems tires engineered specifically for the Dingo®. These tires offer excellent stability and traction while still being gentle on the turf. They are also designed to provide superb wear resistance.
* Enhanced Flow Divider The Dingo® 322 utilizes a new enhanced flow divider in the hydraulic system. This gives the operator improved control to meter the precise amount of hydraulic power needed for traction and attachments.
1 tank: 4 gallon (15.1 liter) capacity
3 mph forward/reverse, (infinite speed adjust)
3000 psi system relief pressure
3.7 gpm low-flow hydraulic circuit, 8.4 gmp high-flow hydraulic circuit
11 gpm dedicated to auxillary circuit
10 micron replaceable hydraulic filter
Audio and visual warning with set point at 235° F. for hydraulic system
Auxiliary valve neutral to start. Traction valve neutral to start
Endless rubber 96.6 x 5.88", Single external tooth drive
Sprocket - steel squirrel cage type, 10 road wheels per side, steel track guide
Zero turning type with two control levers, push for forward, pull back for reverse
Single control with reference bar
Two control levers push forward to lower/dump, pull back to raise/curl, auxiliary lever for hydraulic attachments; high-flow/low-flow selector valve lever, hydraulic flow proportioning valve lever
Joystick control for all loader functions, raise/lower, dump/curl and float. Hydraulic system has two step motion control for auxiliary hydraulics
5.7" (14.5) front, 6.9" (175cm) rear
62" (157.5cm): 82.2" (208.8cm) w/bucket
40.5" (109.9cm) standard tires, 33.5" (85.1cm) narrow tires
66" (167.6 cm) std. Bucket in highest position
65.8" (167.1 cm) std. Bucket in highest position
1030 lb. (467 kg) w/ 200lb. (90.7 kg) operator
1048 lb. (467 kg) w/ 200lb. (90.7 kg) operator
1480 lbs. (671.3 kg) w/ 200lb. (90.7 kg) operator
515 lb. (233.6 kg) w/ 200 lb. (90.7 kg) operator
524 lb. (233.6 kg) w/ 200 lb. (90.7 kg) operator
500 lbs. (226.8 kg) w/ 200lb. (90.7 kg) operator
Weight (Fluids Full, No Attachments)
Weight (Fluids Full, W/ Std. Bucket