Torchmate cnc plasma cutter & torch machine kit, 4'X8'


Subject: Torchmate cnc plasma cutter & torch machine kit, 4'X8'
Standard Torchmate CNC Cutting System
Standard 4' x 8' Torchmate gantry kit
Torchmate machine interface
Your choice of machine torch holder or hand torch holder
Standard Torchmate kit includes our Windows-based electronics and driver software. Motors are 135 oz. in., and use a 3.4:1 reduction via timing pulleys and belts. This results in 459 oz. in. of usable power.
The system comes with Torchmate Windows based CAD and driver software with the following features and more:
Fully automatic nesting of parts
Automatic insertion of lead-ins & lead-outs
Automatic control of torch travel direction
Automatic conversion of scanned images
Imports dxf files and 40 other file formats
On-screen torch path simulation
digital feed-rate override with on-screen speedometer
digital read-out of torch position
Easily configured for oxy-fuel or plasma. Runs off the serial port of your IBM compatible laptop or desktop PC. Torch on & off and dwell time for piercing are under full program control.
You supply your own plasma cutter & torch, and computer. Either a machine torch or manual plasma torch can be used. You tell us which mount you want.
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