Toning tables tanning bed sauna body wrap


Subject: Toning tables tanning bed sauna body wrap
Business , Toning Tables Exercise Business, Tanning Beds, Sauna, Body Wrap Business For Only $24,500.00!
Business Start Up price Includes:
Two Brand New Perfect Tan Tanning Beds
This is our standard frame in the classic Perfect Tan design. All steel hand welded frame. 20 Minute Tanning time. (100 watt) Real Sun lamps this 77.25" inch long frame. For salon owners this is your "entry-level" or "base" bed used to build the foundation of your salon's tanning bed inventory. In a three-tiered pricing strategy, this would be your first tier, typically charging between $5-7 per 20 min session.
Manufactured by American Quality Manufacturing located In Cocoa, Fl.
For Tanning Bed Pricing call
Re-Conditioned to Look Brand New!
If you want brand new toning tables with this
salon set-up call for special pricing.
American Quality Manufacturing ( our parent company)
has been manufacturing toning tables for 18 years.
Complete Salon Setup Includes:
(RECONDITIONED set includes 90 Day Warranty)
Seven Toning Tables that help firm, tone and
reduce inches while reshaping your body!
Two pads move in a rhythmic (back and forth) motion to strengthen muscles. Firms and lifts flabby muscles in the buttock and thigh area.
A single pad moves back and forth to firm and tone upper arms, back and tummy muscles. Rids the body of excess fat under the bra line.
Slenderizes the whole leg area. Tones and firms inner thigh area and concentrates on reducing "saddle bag" outer thighs.
Gently raises and lowers your legs, helping you to shed inches from your waist, stomach and hips while strengthening muscles in your lower back.
A gently vibrating action works to completely tone the body, improving circulation and increasing blood flow.
American Quality Manufacturing (our parent company) located in Cocoa, Florida USA. manufactures brand new toning tables. 10 Different Toning Tables, Available in 3 Styles: Perfect Shapes, Slender Shapes and Perfect Juniors. If you are interested in just Toning Tables or just Tanning Beds...Please Call for Special Pricing! or call the factory
or Fax #
Emerge stress-free and rejuvenated
Achieve a cardiovascular exercise work-out (without the muscular and joint stress)
Ease the pain of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteo) and other stiffness (without toxic side-effects)
Burn hundreds of calories without hours on the exercise bike or treadmill (or without having to get dressed and leave your home to go to the health spa)
Ease lower back pain, muscle spasms, headaches and sinus congestion
Perspire at an accelerated rate for easier release of stored toxins
Emulsify fat, resulting in cellulite reduction
Save you money otherwise spent at exercise gyms and spas
Enjoy cleansing facials for more beautiful skin in every session
Feel confident you're supplying your body with safe, radiant heat used on newborn hospital babies
Get instant relief from your stressful day's activities
Help achieve cardiac conditioning without all that strenuous aerobic exercise
Relax your muscles and ease tension
Clean clogged pores and help to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis and burns
Encourage the healing of lesions and minor cuts. Speed up the body's natural healing processes
Improve physical fitness with increased heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops
Cleanse at comfortable temperatures that do not hamper breathing
Comfortably lie down horizontally with no stress on your neck or back
Improve immune system functions
Safely Lose Inches (In The Right Places) In Only 1 Hour!
Release Toxins Stored In The Body
Reduce Water Retention Symptoms
Reduce Age Spots And Stretch Marks
Reduce Or Eliminate Cellulite Lift and Firm Bustline
Energy Efficient The Royal Smart Sauna uses very little energy, about the same amount as a small appliance (a hair dryer for example). And with no preheat time, you won't waste energy or time waiting for your sauna to warm up.
540 St. Johns, Cocoa, FL 32922
Tel. - Fax:
Contains enough formula to complete 40-50 treatments.
The General Electric Warming Oven
(heating unit that holds 50 Wraps)
One Automatic Wrap Rolling Machine
Five Gallon Herbal Spa Pro BodyWrap Formula
will give you back 300 treatments
Three Gallon Seaweed (Sea Clay) Formula
Will give you back 120 Treatments
for a pulling and tightening effect
enough wraps to wrap 4 people in one day!
available in all sizes from small to XXXXX Large
One Gallon"Miracle Gel" cellulite treatment gel
personalized with your salon name and address!
100 Client Measurement Charts (with release form)
Technician Training Video (very important!)
(issued after completed written test)
Delivery & Set Up In the US Only!
Offer 4 Different Services In Your Salon!
Tanning Beds, Toning Tables, Body Wrap & Sauna. A unique combination for losing Inches and Cellulite!
Toning Tables are also know as 'passive' exercise machines. Many of today's passive, isometric exercise machines are based on the same machines developed by Bernard H. Stauffer in the late 1930's. His first patrons came to relieve sore muscles in their hips, back and legs. Much to their delight they soon began to lose inches off their thighs, stomach, hips and arms as well. Immediate results were seen because of the postural changes that occurred in the first few treatments. Through his constant study, he developed several passive isometric exercise machines that were designed to relax, align and tone the body. He discovered that postural alignment can be achieved by passively exercising different segments of the body by lying different segments of the body horizontally.
This type of exercise stimulates the 'stretch reflex' in muscle tissues, increases muscle tone and increases the blood and lymph node circulation without increasing the heart or blood pressure. In turn, the increased fluid circulation stimulates the body to eliminate natural waste that have built up in the cellular system.
This form of exercise reduces inches through high repetitions and minimal resistance causing muscles to contract, breaking down cellulite and allowing the body to naturally dispose of it.
Salon layout requires at least 1,500 Square Feet
Salon Layout If you will send us a rough drawing of your facility our design department will return to you a scaled layout. Simply include the additional equipment that you are interested in and the dimensions of your proposed location.
There is NO CHARGE for this design service.
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