Tlv trapman TM2 steam trap management system / tester


Subject: Tlv trapman TM2 steam trap management system / tester
This listing is for a TLV TrapMan steam trap diagnostic / test system.
With the coaxial cable connecting the TM2 unit to the PC, selections in the PS1 Software allow the data memorized in the TM2 to be uploaded into a personal computer. Through other instructions and for maximum efficiency, all memorized trap data (Trap Number, Trap Type, Model, etc.) can be transferred to the TM2 in preparation for a survey.
Preparation of Steam Trap Management Log and Updating Data
Posting survey data to the steam trap management log is accomplished simply by transferring the data from TM2 to the PC via the coaxial cable.
Survey Detail and Failure Analysis
Survey results are classified by area, trap type, model, manufacturer, application, etc. either selectively or collectively. Data relating to failure mode, failure rate, and steam losses are identified.
Summary reports will provide complete visibility of problem areas and permit maintenance priorities to be established accurately.
Compatible with Other Software
File data may be converted to a format which can be utilized within other software programs, such as LOTUS 1-2-3*
*LOTUS 1-2-3 is a trademark of LOTUS Development Corporation, U.S.A.
Further specifications may be located at
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