Titrator mettler toledo model DL77 autotitrator


Subject: Titrator mettler toledo model DL77 autotitrator
Two sample changers can be attached to a DL77 and run simultaneously. During a sample series it is possible to interrupt and run an urgent sample. It is also suitable for use as a titrator for a high sample throughput and when exacting demands are placed on the automation capability of analyses.
Titrator with highest applicative power and unique parallel titration for highest productivity in QC and R&D labs.
Redox-, volta-, complexom., non-aqueous, photom. titration
learn titration, help function
yes, PC SW LabX light included
runs express sample, dedicated 2-phase titration
yes, simultaneous titration of 2 sample series and control of 2 Rondo60
IF...THEN statements in methods