Titan 5000 gpd commercial reverse osmosis water filter


Subject: Titan 5000 gpd commercial reverse osmosis water filter
Titan 5000 GPD Whole House RO System
Commercial Size Reverse Osmosis System
Produce Reverse Osmosis quality water for your commecrcal application. Great for water stores, restaurants, whole house, and other industrial uses. Also an excellent way to treat bad water
Three 4.5" x 20" prefilters pre-treat the water to lengthen the life of your membranes. A 5-micron sediment filter catches larger particulates, followed by a 10 micron carbon filter that removes chemicals and odors, and finally through a 1 micron sediment filter to polish off any particulates, which prevents premature fouling of your membrane.
Three 4" x 40" TFC HF1 membranes, housed in Champ™ Membrane housings, provide you with up to 5000 gallons of high quality water a day
The high quality Goulds® multistage pump delivers the water to the membrane under ideal pressure, optimizing its performance and output.
Four built in pressure gauges let you monitor your system, and allow you to see falling pressures, a sign that your filters or membranes need changed, helping ensure you are always getting high quality water
A McCanns® Low Pressure switch protects the pump by shutting down the system when there is insufficient water to supply the pump.
A 1/2" stainless steel needle manual flush valve allows you to regulate your product to waste ratio, allowing you to maximize water purity and efficiency
Flow Meters for your product and waste water allow you to accurately adjust your waste water ratio
The Minitrol® Computer Controller enables pre-treat lockout, tank full contacts, low pressure monitoring, and an alarm, letting you get the best operation from your system
A panel mounted TDS meter lets you see exactly how well your system is performing
The epoxy powder coated frame presents an aesthetically pleasing system, while concealing the less attractive aspects from view
We make many different systems, and can customize one to fit your needs. Contact us with any questions you might have.
* Three Membranes with Champ™ Housings @ 4” X 40” TFC HF1
* Three 20” Big Gray Pre-Filters @ 5 Micron Sediment, 10 Micron Carbon Block, 1 micron sediment
* One Goulds® 1.5HP multistage Pump and motor 110 / 220
* One Electric Solenoid Valve 110 / 220 Volt with Manual Override
* One McCanns® Low Pressure Switch
* Four Pressure Gauges @ 2: Glycerine Filled 0-300 PSI & 2: Dry 0-160 PSI
* One 1/2" Stainless Steel Needle Manual Flush Valve
* One Minitrol® Computer Controler 110 / 220
* Two flow meters (0-10 GPM) One waste & 1 product
* Mounted on an Epoxy Powder Coated Frame
* Optional: PuroTech™ Stainless Steel Membrane Housings, Square D® High Pressure switch, Mechanical Float Switch, Auto Flush, Concentrate Re-Circulate
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