Tir led 18 panel high intensity light bar


Subject: Tir led 18 panel high intensity light bar
Up for sale are brand new TIR/Hi Intensity LED Lightbars complete with controller.
* All Amber HI Intensity LEDs upgrade available, perfect for Tow trucks, Pilot Vehicles, Snow Plows, etc.
* Lenses are clear, LED's are colored NOT filtered for maximum brightness!
* This model is BRAND NEW to the production line!
1 Halogen per side (upgrade to Hi Power TIR/LED Panel Red or Blue per side)
We are the place to find inexpensive but effective emergency lighting solutions for:
The equipment we sell is as tough and with the same high quality standards as the name brands, just without the price and fancy label.
If you are a Firefighter, Law Enforcement Officer, Tow Operator, Snow Plow Operator or a Department with a limited budget, chances are we can meet and exceed your needs, and stay within your budget.
We are a small family run business; we have over 10 years in the volunteer rural fire service near Brazoria Texas.
We know how challenging it can be with today's careless drivers. You have to be heard and seen to stay safe.
Bottom line is that light bars and sirens are a necessity.
Unfortunately the name brand manufacturers are priced so that it makes it a tough challenge to get what you really want and stay within budget.
We have contracted with a specialty manufacturer to design and build high quality light bars and accessories at reasonable prices without the marketing and warehousing expenses.
This keeps our quality high and prices low!