Time saving ocalaser


Subject: Time saving ocalaser
"The Ocalaser" Automatic laser Receiver Ocala Instuments teamed up with Apache Technologies to develop a laser receiver that wirelessly transmits the position of the laser strike within the laser range. Just lift the boom until the laser light is anywhere within the receiver's range, and the depth monitor beeps, indicating that the reference has been found and the depth monitor shows exactly the depth of the bucket tip from the laser light. This saves time and ensures a perfect reference to the rotating laser. With a laser receiver alone one had to have the stick perfectly plumb and go through tedious adjustments in order to find grade. The depth monitor allows you to get the laser reference with the boom, stick and bucket in any position and check depths anywhere around the excavator. The Ocalaser is based on the Bullseye 5, one of the most sophisticated laser receivers, and can be used as such on graders, dozers and scrapers.
* Versatility - Works with all rotating lasers. Center light lights with laser striking anywhere within receiver.
* 360 Degree Reception - Use on all types of machinery, quick no hassle laser set-up.
* Ultra-Bright LED with Green On-Grade - Easy to see in all light conditions.
* Self-Contained - Standard alkaline batteries allow quick mounting and ease of moving from machine to machine.
* Long Battery Life - Keep your machine working.
* Adapts to grading and excavating machinery - use on dozers, backhoes, excavators, box blades, trenchers, scrapers, and graders.
* New super bright LED's with green on-grade is easy to see in all light conditions.
* Easy to move from one machine to another.
* 3 selectable accuracies - work from rough grading to final finishing.
* 5 channels of grade information plus directional out of beam indicators.
* Waterproof - Designed to withstand all weather conditions.
* Rugged - Durable polycarbonate and aluminum die cast housings stand up to tough construction environments. Internal isolating shock mounts protect the electronics.
* 1-Year Warranty - Reliability you can count on.
There is a 15-day money back guarantee less 4% restocking fee.
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