Tilt skillet / braising pan cleveland


Subject: Tilt skillet / braising pan cleveland
Cleveland SGL-40 electric tilting skillet/braising pan. Base- Leg. Capacity- Full 40 Gallon Capacity Rating to Bottom of Pouring Lip. Tilting- Power Tilt . Cooking Surface- Stainless Steel Clad 5/8" Cooking Surface Guaranteed against warpage. Pan- Stainless Steel Coved Cornered Pans with both Gallon and Liter Markings. Construction- All Stainless Steel Construction for durability and easy cleaning. Temperature Controls- Adjustable, Electronic Thermostat controls temperature from 100°F to 425°F. Heating System- High Efficiency Heating System with even heat distribution. Fast Heat-Up- Fast Heat-Up and Recovery Time-Preheats in 11 minutes, full capacity from cold to boiling in 60 minutes. Cover- Spring Assist Cover with Adjustable Vent and Full Width Handle. Controls- On/Off Switch, Thermostat Knob and Pilots, recessed to avoid breakage. Adjustable Feet- Four Stainless Steel, Level adjustable feet, rear flanged for bolting. Access- Serviceable from the front of the unit. Indicators- Two Pilot Lights; Green = Power on, Amber = Temperature Cycling. Splash Proof- Splash Proof Controls and Water Tight Electrical Connections. High Limit Safety- High Limit Safety Device set at 475°F (246°C). Pouring Lip- Anti-Splash.130,000 btu's This unit has been cleaned and complety tested and ran. It is in very good condition. List price $16,450.00