Throatless shear marshalltown mfg. floor model


Subject: Throatless shear marshalltown mfg. floor model
You’re looking at a throatless shear from Marshalltown Manufacturing Co. of Marshalltown, Iowa. This shear is an older/collectable. We plugged it in and it operated and cut great. This was modified so it can cut circles. Simply drill a hole in the sheet material, place the hole over the peg and a circle is cut in seconds. The tag says patent number #1651654 and the serial number is 5870 No. 114M. For a copy of the actual patent please click here Patent #1651654 . I don’t know how old this machine is but the patent is dated Dec 6, 1927 and it was submitted on Nov 30, 1925. When you look at the drawings in the patent documents you’ll notice this was originally hand powered. I found the hand wheel in the metal cabinet (included) it’s bolted to. The motor may have been added to this unit. The mounting of the motor looks homemade and needs to be looked at if you put it into use again. Mr. Madsen, of Madsen Pontoon Boat Company, used it for cutting circles out of aluminum for his pontoon boats. I’m assuming it was here where the motor was added. Madsen started manufacturing pontoon boats in 1959. The base cabinet is a heavy metal cabinet with 3 cast iron wheels. Two fixed wheels on one side and one swivel wheel on the other side. The swivel doesn’t swivel at this time. Easy to push in circles now. I’m going to try to loosen the swivel.
This item is at Gelderts LLT . Their address is 11760 Troy Lane North, Maple Grove, Minnesota. Map. This is where you'll pick it up. Gelderts does refurbishing of boat and pontoon interiors so if you would like to have a new interior or pcs of furniture they could quote that for you. Otherwise please do not contact them about this item. They've been so kind to let me store things and I don't want to take away from their time.
Thank you for looking at this item.
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