Thompson hydraulic 3 axis surface grinder


Subject: Thompson hydraulic 3 axis surface grinder
Thompson Hydraulic 3 axis Surface Grinder: 8 x 24 serial number 2F793144, new 1979, equipped with Over the wheel dresser, work light, Internal 32 gallon coolant, Automatic lube system, Emergency stop button, 10 x 24 fine line electromagnetic chuck with Neutrofier II control, 5hp spindle motor, One shot bijur lube system. External hydraulic unit.
Fine cross feeds, Incremental downfeed. 10 x 1 x 3 wheel. Approx weight 5500 lb.
Oversized bed-type base for longitudinal movement so that the ways are always fully supported. No table rocking or workpiece distortion.
Over the wheel dressing performed by micrometer-type holder on wheel head assembly. Eliminates need to remove work from chuck in order to dress wheel.(Inv.459)
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