Thick film fast fire belt furnace


Subject: Thick film fast fire belt furnace
Brand New Thick Film Firing Belt Furnace From Torrey Hills Technologies
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* Fast Temperature Responses (RT to 850 deg.c in less than 30 mins)
* Uniform Temperature Distribution
* Atmosphere and Exhausting System Designed In Accordance With Typical Firing Process
* Fast Fire Furnaces provide reduced power usage by allowing for rapid heating and cooling between use. These systems provide excellent atmosphere flow for binder removal in thick film sintering, align with precision temperature control. In addition to the standard air atmosphere configuration, fast fire is also available for nitrogen processing with an option that allows for inert atmosphere operation.
For the manufacturing of thick film circuits, passive components, precision resistors, component termination and many others.
240V, 3 phase, 60HZ, 5 wire, 36KVA
1 set heating board, 1 solid relay, 2 relays, 2 switches
Also available from seller: belt furnaces with 7 control zones and 14" or 25" belt width. For details, visit
* Ultrasonic Belt Cleaning/Drying ($2,462)
* 300mm/12" Belt Width ($865)
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