Thermotron eca-20 equipment cooling air unit -20 to +40


Subject: Thermotron eca-20 equipment cooling air unit -20 to +40
This listing is for a Thermotron ECA.
* Power: 208V / Single Phase / 60Hz
* Range: -20 to +40 degrees C
* Flow Rate: 2 to 12 lbs/min
Here are the BASIC SPECS on this unit...
Equipment Cooling Air (ECA) units are typically used to force conditioned air under controlled flow rates through a product. ECA tests are used to simulate conditions which may be encountered by electrical equipment in actual service. One example can be found in the aircraft industry where the high density packaging of electronic components results in a need to provide forced air for cooling purposes. ECA's are used in these situations to test airborne electronics under actual usage environments to insure they will not fail.
ECA performance and delivery ranges include temperatures of -54°C to +85°C against static pressures from 2" to 4" H2O with steady state air temperatures or change rates of 5°C per minute or better.
1 to 30 lbs/min, or as required
LN2, CO2, or Mechanical Refrigeration
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