Thermotron 2800 programmer/controller & therm-alarm++++


Subject: Thermotron 2800 programmer/controller & therm-alarm++++
Thermotron 2800 programmer/controller & Therm-Alarm plus GPIB ieee-488 board spare parts.
This is the control panel assembly originally mounted to the side of an environmental chamber. It includes both the controller and the high/low limit monitor.
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Thermotron - Environmental Test Chambers, Test System Integration, Vibration Equipment
The last quote we got for getting a replacement 2800 controller from the factory was $4200.
The image above and those below is what you see looking inside the enclosure.
The image below shows the back of the 2800 controller connected to an electronics board that includes power supply components and a GPIB IEEE-488 communications daughter card.
A closer view of the corner of the GPIB card is shown below.
The image below shows the backside of the high/low monitor.
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Might be just what you need for your Thermotron Environmental Chamber spare controller parts application.
looks very good-assembly removed from a chamber.
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