Thermo jouan MR23I programmable refrigerated centrifuge


Subject: Thermo jouan MR23I programmable refrigerated centrifuge
Thermo Jouan MR23i Programmable Refrigerated Centrifuge
This Jouan MR23i High Speed Benchtop Centrifuge is tested and working great, guaranteed. Includes your choice of rotors and two of the three available rotors, we have the following rotors available and your purchase price includes two rotors:
* DRM6.14 high capacity drum rotor, 120ml, 60x 1.5/2ml, max speed for this rotor is 14,300. Includes all insterts for spinning 60 tubes as well as four extra inserts. Each insert holds 10 tubes and there are six inserts in the drum.
* MTM 6.4 microplate rotor, 2 block for 6 microplates, max speed of this rotor is 4,500 rpm.
* AM2.19 fixed angle rotor, 56ml, 28 x 1.5/2ml, max speed of this rotor is 20,000. Includes lid.
The swinging bucket rotor show in the photographs is already sold.
We tested this centrifuge at 2,000rpm, 10,000rpm, and then 19,200rpm (the max speed for the rotor we were using), with a 15 minute run at each speed at -5 degrees C as shown in the photographs. This centrifuge is very efficient at maintaining the desired temperature even at speed.
If you are looking for a high performance refrigerated benchtop centrifuge for your lab that offers a wide selection of rotors, you can't go wrong with this one. Whether you are looking for low or high speed, this one can do it all and the digital controls make it a breeze to operate.
High performance refrigerated centrifuge offering outstanding features of guaranteed run-to-run reproducibility and absolute sample temperature control. The Jouan MR23i accepts a large variety of sample containers and is used world-wide for HIV viral charge tracking, research in molecular biology, cell biology and associated fields.
* Instant rotor exchange (5 sec.) with AUTO-LOCK® patented system.
* Comprehensive control using VIDEOsetTM graphic software.
* Powerful: 23,000 rpm, 36,668 x g
* High speed: Nine Angle rotors to 4 x 100 mL plus Drum rotor 60 x 1.5/2 mL & 192 x 0.4 mL for high sample throughput.
* Low speed: Swing-out rotors 4 x 200 mL and 6 x microplates, 2 x deepwell blocks.
* Huge choice of accessories: 12 rotors including six sealed rotors.
* Absolute security: Sealed rotors are CAMR Porton Down certified for microbial integrity.
* Lifetime reproducibility: Guaranteed run to run by automatic High Reproducibility Factor (integral).
* True RCF: Using programmed radius allowing for use of adaptors.
* Ready for use: 32 program memory with direct recall.
* Protection: Individual password protection of programs.
* Informative display: Alphanumeric 20 character with message readout.
* Versatile: Display in four languages; English, Spanish, French and German.
* Suits all samples: Ten acceleration and ten braking rates (100 run profiles) treat even density gradients with care.
* Exceptionally quiet: Only 57 dBA at 22,000 rpm.
* Powerful refrigeration: 4°C or less at full speed, full load, any rotor.
* True sample temperature control: With unique programmable compensation (patent).
* Maintenance-free: Induction motor.
* Safe: Imbalance detection and shutdown, guard barrier, dual lid interlock, current and temperature limitation.
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