Thermatron rf welder heat sealer 30KW 6KW


Subject: Thermatron rf welder heat sealer 30KW 6KW
Dual Generator Single turntable Thermatron RF Heatsealer.
We Bulid any type of RF Heatsealer that you could possibly ever need. This one is a Real Beauty.
30KW stabilized Thermatron and a 6 KW Stabilized Thermaton all on 1 84" turntable.
Each machine can run independent of the other or they can run in unison.
Just think of the production possiblities!
This machine is built beyond Tough. This setup Is running in many facilities today 24/7 365.
You need to see it to appreicate its awesome power and reliability.
Now if this little beauty is not your cup of Tea, No Problem! I have 500 others to chose from. So if you need ANY Size or Type of RF Welder I should have it, if not I can build it for you!
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