Thema tek 60" 6 burner 24" griddle double oven range


Subject: Thema tek 60" 6 burner 24" griddle double oven range
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Thema Tek 60" 6 burner 24" Griddle Double Oven Range
60" 6 burner with double ovens and a 24" Griddle.
* All stainless steel exterior.
* Front valve panel is a separate piece that is easily removable by removing (4) screws.
* The knobs are made of glass-filled polyester with a light orange peel texture, and remain cool to the touch.
* 5” fully flush landing ledge for extra work space.
* Stainless steel single high-shelf.
* Welded angle front frame for superior durability.
* Heavy-duty channel grate supports provide added structural frame strength.
* Available with standard or convection ovens, cabinet bases or as counter models.
* One year parts and labor warranty.
* Heavy duty, 12”x12” cast-iron half-grates; fully leveled for easy pan sliding.
* Heavy duty two piece cast-iron 30,000 BTU/hr open top burners.
* One fully-concealed standing pilot, centered between front and rear burners. Burners light within seconds with the aid of 304 stainless steel flash-tubes.
* One inch thick “Hot-Top” with H/burners rated at 20,000 BTU/hr. Comes in 12-inch width increments.
* Standard ovens are available in two sizes:
26” oven (26 1/4” wide, 27” deep, 14 1/4” high) uses an efficient 40,000 BTU/hr cast iron burner.
20” oven (20” wide, 27” deep, 14 1/4” high) uses a 27,000 BTU/hr cast iron burner.
* Convection ovens are 26 1/4” wide by 23 7/8” deep by 14 1/4” high (66.7cm x 60.6cm x 36.2cm) and use a powerful 35,000 BTU/hr cast iron burner.
* Throttling type thermostat with temperature range of 150F - 500F (66C - 260C).
* Durable, easy to clean, fully porcelain-coated oven interior, including door.
* Ribbed oven door for added strength.
* Channeled oven-side liners designed for superior strength and to create an opening for heat to get into the oven evenly.
* Removable oven bottom with stainless steel
* Bright nickel coated racks and removable
* Oven’s protective heat barrier prevents cold spots.
* Piezoelectric igniter for easy pilot ignition.
* Tough heavy duty springed doors are made to withstand constant daily abuse. Built to drop open and kick close!
* Extremely high quality, industrial style oven door handle that is 1 1/4” diameter (18 gauge) type 304 stainless steel and wall brushed finished. This makes for a more durable handle that has a much better feel than the smaller style handle.
* Incredibly reliable ovens with rear venting for consistent cooking temperatures.