Tetrad sonata 2300 complete ultrasound system w/3D


Subject: Tetrad sonata 2300 complete ultrasound system w/3D
* Superb image quality and Doppler performance in the same class as midrange and some high end systems
* Precision continuous dynamic focusing. Level of accuracy only found in high-end expensive systems
* Multipurpose imaging system addressing all popular modalities (Abdominal, OB/GYN, Vascular, Cardiac, Surgical, etc.)
* Unique high frequency imaging capabilities not found on even high-end systems (up to 20MHz upper band edge, and 15MHz center frequency)
* All probes support multi-frequency operation
* Freehand 3D Software - allows for aquisition and processing of 3D images using standard trans-abdominal trasnducers included. Includes report generator. (see photo of sample 3D report)
* Extensive measurement and calculation packages for all modalities
* Advanced patient management capabilities
* Sophisticated report generation, including HTML formatting for web viewing
* Vast array of customization features, including designing your own measurements and calculations
* Windows 2000 based for unlimited application flexibility and application support
* Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
* Highest performance ergonomic probes in the industry, also made in the U.S.A. Probes and cables are lighter than most competitive probes to address repetitive motion injury concerns
* Elegant system appearance and design, usually expected only in higher cost products. Ideal ergonomic system size that preserves the ability to expand and upgrade system
* Advanced state-of-the-art imaging technologies:
* Tetrad Vector Core (TVC) high precision focussing module utilizing Tetrad’s Vector Modulator ASICs
* Tetrad Very High Dynamic Range Front End
* FlexiCore digital controller with very high density field programmable logic allows Tetrad to completely reconfigure many of the system building blocks in software. This allows for extreme versatility and protects against obsolescence
* Tetrad Advanced Tissue Discriminator (TADT) for high performance Color Doppler
This system is optimized for OB/GYN
Tetrad's OB/GYN probe set includes the 3.5C large curved array probe and the 7E endocavity probe. The 3.5C produces high resolution images for trans-abdominal obstetrical imaging. The 7E is a small radius of curvature probe for transvaginal imaging.
* Tetrad Sonata 2300 Ultrasound System w/ 2D & Color Doppler
* ViewSonic 15"Color Monitor
* Video Expansion Card for External Video Printer Connection
* 7E Trasnvaginal/Rectal Transucer
* Freehand 3D Software License + Installed
This system is a NEW unit in perfect operating condition. The system includes a 6 month on site limited warranty from us in the United States.
Installation and Training are available at additional cost.
Special custom-made transportation heavy duty case available at an additional $500.00 (See photos). Case is specifically designed to secure the Sonata Ultrasound Machine including the monitor and all peripherals.
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