Terramite T5C 2003 with 690 hours excellent cond.


Subject: Terramite T5C 2003 with 690 hours excellent cond.
Item Specifics - Backhoe Loaders
* Easily interchangeable buckets ranging in width from 8 to 36 inches featuring 1/2" thick high carbon cutting edges with cast steel replacement teeth
* The backhoe and dipstick are made of large diameter tubing and plate for high strength and long life. It will dig to a depth of 8'4".
* All cylinders on Terramite tractors are manufactured by us to the highest standard. Barrels are honed and all rods are high-carbon steel and chrome-plated for durability. Our seals are heavy-duty and have extremely low leakage rates.
* The hydraulic valves on our equipment will withstand 3,500 psi and flow rates of 25 gpm. The front valve has a wobblestick control and the rear valve features large handles and extra-light springs to reduce operator fatigue.
* Terramite tractors use a hydrastatic transmission rated for 35 hp. They have a cast ductile iron rotary group, and all components subject to wear are easily replaced. Control is through an easy-to-use foot pedal.
* The frame of our tractors is a one-piece 1/4" steel plate. All mounting plates brace the frame for added strength. In addition, there are only 58 bolts in the entire machine. They are oversized and most have "Stover" lock-nuts to keep them tight.
* Terramite hydraulic motors are rated for 40 hp. A unique high-pressure shaft seal eliminates the need for case drains, check valves and extra plumbing; motors also have roller bearings and seals; our rear axles are heavy-duty cast iron made by Dana Corporation, featuring positraction with an output torque rating of 3,300 foot pounds. All parts are easily serviced.
STANDARD ENGINE: Kohler Command 20 HP
LUBRICATION: Pressurized w/ Filter
TRANSMISSION: HD Hydrastatic, Eaton 35 HP rated
DRIVE MOTOR: HD Gerotor Type, Ross "Torquemotor"
Dana 44, Rigid Drive Axle Trac Lok Assembly 4.89 Ratio
31"x15.5"x15" Super Terra Grip
(260 sq. in. of contact area per tire at 3" penetration)
9.5"x16" 6 Ply Super Sure Grip
BOOM ROTATION: 145 Degrees