Tension/compression by chatillon (3) lfcs/mt/tcm


Subject: Tension/compression by chatillon (3) lfcs/mt/tcm
You are invited to purchase or make "Best Offer" on a "NEW" Tension/Compression LFCS Mechanical Test Machine by Chatillon. See two (2) other Chatillon Tension/Compression instruments available.
The following are the LFCS instruments specifications: Load Cells available up to 225 pounds @ 5% of reading accuracy, Full PC integration with Nexygen Analytical Software, 20" Travel, 4 Safety features, including load cell overload protection. As you can see from the listing photos this is a "New" Chatillon Test Machine and can be seen under power near Jeffersonville, Indiana by appointment. A similar new Tension/Compression Mechanical Test Stand of this style would cost the purchaser at least $10,995.00.
NOTE: The original load cell on this unit (225 Pound Capacity) has been sold but if purcahsed we will supply a NEW load cell for the purchaser in ANY capacity under 225 pounds at no extra cost to purchaser.
If someone is thinking about purchasing a new comparator of this type we would think that the consideration of a purchase of this Chatillon LFCS should be considered.
Additionally we have a "NEW DEMO" Tension/Compression MT Mechanical Test Stand by Chatillon for which we are asking $1,600.00. The following are the instruments specifications: 150 Pounds Capable, Quick-Action Lever @ 3" per Rev., 29.5" Column Length, "Gage" Mounting Kit with Chatillon DFM 100 Force Gage with RS 232 Output, Accurate to 0.5% FS, GF-1 Grips. A similar new Tension/Compression Mechanical Test Stand of this style would cost the purchaser at least $1,900.00
Also have a TCM200-SS Chatillon Tension/Compression Test Machine (DEMO) 200 pound capacity, Super Slow Option 0.02-05" per minute 18" tavel. Contact us at or at for additional information and pricing.
You are invited to review our "Feedback and About Us" where we are sure that you will find that we ALWAYS try to fairly describe all items listed and offer a 7 day return guarantee (freight prepaid)if item is not as described in listing.
We thank you in advance for your interest in this item and should you have any questions please feel free to ask them of us and we will promptly reply.