Telecentric imaging lens large resolution telescope


Subject: Telecentric imaging lens large resolution telescope
Telecentric imaging Lens f/ 1.04
Best quality true apochromat Lens
6" inch objective lens large end!!
Easily make a high end refracting telescope
Protected by metal screw-on lens caps on each end. Was used for Flourescence Imaging to examine BioMolecular Assays in high throughput screening. Lens has an internal fiber optic illumination ring. It also has a slide drawer to insert emission filters which clamps shut. Lens is absolutely beautiful and clear and has lens caps. Lens length is 18.5 inches over all including lens caps. Large Aperture is diameter 5.880 inches. Small Aperture is Diameter 1.950. f/1.04 amazing!! Has 30 inch Fiber optic cable. Please email for more dimensions if needed.