Tektronix video measurement set VM100 vm 100


Subject: Tektronix video measurement set VM100 vm 100
Tektronix Video Measurement Set VM100 VM 100
Tektronix Video Measurement Set VM100 VM 100
This is a used Tektronix video measurement set. The model number on it is VM100.
This unit was removed from a working enviroment and is fully functional and covered by our 30 day warranty.
The VM100 makes standard NTSC video measurements including the baseband measurements required by new FCC cable system regulations. This makes the VM100 a good choice for CATV engineers charged with meeting those requirements. Measurements are initiated with the push of a button. Once completed, the measurement results may be viewed on the LCD, stored in an internal nonvolatile memory or copied to a serial printer for archival. An internal time clock automatically inserts the time and date of each test for later analysis. Measurement results are averaged for a stable reading even in the presence of a low signal-to-noise ratio. A freeze mode can be used to stop all measurement activity so that intermediate results may be examined. When the input signal lacks suitable synchronizing information, such as inverted sync used for video encryption, an external sync reference input can be used.
* Automatically Measures 13 Key Video Parameters
* Chrominance to Luminance Gain
* Phase Frequency Response 2T K-Factor
* Hum Signal to Noise Group Delay Bar
* Non-linearity Verifies Compliance with Industry Standard TV Regulations
* Automatic "Signal ID" Fast, Accurate Measurements at a Touch of a Button
* Average Mode for Accurate Results in Low Signal to Noise
* Freeze Mode Suspends Testing to View Intermediate Results
* RS-232-C Port for Remote Access or Local Printer Output
* Simple and Intuitive Interface
* Internal Memory for Storage of Measurements Results
* Internal Time Clock for Dating Measurement Results
* RS-232-C Control Feature Allows Automatic Control of 1740A Series
* Waveform Monitor Line Select Mode for Viewing of Measured Signal
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