Tektronix WFM1125 hdtv waveform monitor


Subject: Tektronix WFM1125 hdtv waveform monitor
Tektronix WFM1125 HDTV Waveform Monitor
High Definition Waveform Monitor WFM1125
* Waveform/Vector Monitor for HDTV Baseband Video
* Two SMPTE 292M, 1.485 Gb/s Serial Component Inputs
* Available for 1920x1080i, 1280x720p or Dual Digital Video Formats
* Multi-format Option Adds 1920x1080i/50, 1920x1080/24sF and 1920x1080p/24 Formats
* Parade and Overlay Waveform Displays in RGB, GBR or Y/Pb/Pr
* Vector display for 240M or 274M Colorimetry
* Tektronix Diamond, Lightning and Bowtie Displays
* Expanded Waveform Scales for Extended Accuracy
* Waveform Save Mode for Signal Comparison
* NTSC or Tri-level External Reference
* Analog Y/Pb/Pr and Digital Picture Monitor Outputs
* AES/EBU Output of Audio Embedded in SMPTE 274M Data (1920x1080i/60 Format)
* Gamut, Status and Line-by-line CRC Monitoring
* VGA Display and Screen Output
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