Tektronix TPG20 video test pattern generator


Subject: Tektronix TPG20 video test pattern generator
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This powerful and flexible multi-standard, multi-format unit provides a comprehensive range of precise, digitally synthesized, still and moving patterns. The result is a highly functional tool suitable for all environments where test signals, patterns and images are required. The TPG20 contains over 70 different line based test signals in a variety of formats. In addition, frame based patterns with controllable moving content are available in the PAL and NTSC formats. The TPG20 operates in either 525 or 625 line standards. Composite formats supported include NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Component formats include YPBPR, GBR and YC. Analog, parallel digital and serial digital outputs are provided. Simultaneous output of digital and equivalent analog formats is available in either of the selected output line standards. If composite digital is selected, then the analog output is composite. If component digital is selected, then analog component is present.
The TPG20's clearly labeled front panel, logically placed controls and LED display provide highly functional yet simple operation. Function and pattern selection is accomplished with push buttons and the control knob. Parallel levels of various functions are obtained with successive pushes of the button. Options for each function level may be scrolled with the knob. Pressing the SELECT button completes the process.
* (1) Tektronix TPG20 Video Test Pattern Generator
* Multiformat Test Signal Pattern and Image Generator
* Serial, Parallel, Composite, and Component Digital Outputs
* Analog Composite, Y/C, Y and Color Difference, and RGB + Sync Output
* 10-Bit Resolution on Three Independent Channels
* Instant Switching Between Any Two Patterns
* Controllable Moving Patterns
* Compatible with 16:9 EDTV Standards
* Unlimited Pattern Complexity
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