Tektronix TLA7AA4 ds logic analyzer 136 ch 8 mb 450 st


Subject: Tektronix TLA7AA4 ds logic analyzer 136 ch 8 mb 450 st
Tektronix TLA7AA4 DS Logic Analyzer 136 channel for TLA 715, 714 700 series and 7000 series
* Logic Analyzer Module TLA7AA4
* Fits TLA700 series and TLA7000 series
* TLA7AA43 module [$ 18,400.00 List Price]
* Option DS increase to 8 MB memory depth @450 MHz state speed [$ 45,000.00]
This unit may need to be recalibrated.
his unit requires a qualified technician to setup and install, if this unit is determined, by a qualified technician, to be DOA we will refund the purchase price. If purchased for the asking price, we will include a 7 day Right of Return- Money back- Guarantee and A 30 day repair warranty for normal use.
* Failure to follow these guidelines will invalidate both the return and the guarantee!
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