Tektronix TLA715 tla 715 logic analyzer with TLA7L3


Subject: Tektronix TLA715 tla 715 logic analyzer with TLA7L3
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Serial Number: TLA715 = B030599. Module TLA 7M3 = B020441.
Condition: Used but in good excellent condition. The unit is working condition 7 days warranty. please see term and condition for more detail.
Unit Included: Floppy Disk. CD-R-W. Window 2000 Professional, Tektronix's software version 4.2.
TLA 7M3 2Ghz Timing, 100Mhz State and 512K Depth.
Eithernet port and other standard as seen in the pictures.
A CD-ROM contains a soft copy of Tektronix TLA715 Service Munual.
Descriptions and features: The TLA 700 Series includes a selection of logic analyzer modules with measurement capabilities that continue to remain unavailable in other logic analyzers. Central to the TLA 700 Series is the MagniVu acquisition technology, a super-fast digital sampler that enables 500 picoseconds (ps) timing resolution on all channels.
* Holds 4 single-wide or 2 double-wide modules
* Instrument modules include logic analyzers, pattern generators and digitizing oscilloscopes
* Up to 800 MHz state acquisition with 1.25 GB/s data rate for advanced processors and buses
* 8 GHz deep timing analysis
* MagniVu™ technology provides 500ps timing resolution on all channels all the time through the same probe
* Simultaneous state and high speed timing analysis through the same probes pinpoints elusive faults
* Broad processor and bus support universal source code support for correlating high-level language source with real-time trace
* Performance analysis support for optimizing target system remote control using Microsoft COM/DCOM technology supports advanced data analysis
* Windows 2000 Professional PC Platform provides familiar user interface with network connectivity
7 Days Full Warranty: The items are 7 days warranty unless specified in description.
DOA: Guarantee against Dead On Arrival.
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