Tektronix TG2000 signal generation platform w/opts.


Subject: Tektronix TG2000 signal generation platform w/opts.
Tektronix TG2000 Signal Generation Platform with options BG1,AGL1, DVG1 and AVG1
The TG2000 is a multiformat, analog and digital, precision signal generation platform. Designed for the most demanding test applications, the TG2000 provides reference quality test signals, stressing functions in both the analog and digital domains and the flexibility to address user-defined testing requirements. Comprehensive test signal libraries are supplied in all formats and are supplemented by a Windows-based test signal development program. The modular architecture, RAM-based test signal generators, and programmable system clocks ensure the TG2000 will meet future needs as well as today's requirements.
* Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generation
* Reference Generator Performance Level
* Conforms to Analog and Digital, Video and Audio Industry Standards
* Modular Expandable Platform
* Designed for the Requirements of Today and the Future
* Fully Supports VM700T Video Measurement Routines
* RAM-based Test Signal Generators with Nonvolatile Storage
* Test Signal Libraries for All Formats
* Variable Analog and Digital Video Parameters
This unit has the following options:
* BG1: Black Burst Generator
* AGL1: Analog Genlock Module
* DVG1: Digital Video Generator
* AVG1: Analog Video Generator
This item also includes a CD copy of Manuals and Power Cord
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