Tektronix TG2000 analog/digital video signal generator


Subject: Tektronix TG2000 analog/digital video signal generator
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* Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generation
* Reference Generator Performance Level
* Conforms to Analog and Digital, Video and Audio Industry Standards
* Modular Expandable Platform
* Designed for the Requirements of Today and the Future
* Fully Supports VM700T Video Measurement Routines
* RAM-based Test Signal Generators with Nonvolatile Storage
* Test Signal Libraries for All Formats
* Variable Analog and Digital Video Parameters
* Studio Reference Generator
* Equipment Design Maintenance
* Post-production and Broadcast Facilities
* Automated Manufacturing Test
The TG2000 is a multiformat, analog and digital, precision signal generation platform. Designed for the most demanding test applications, the TG2000 provides reference quality test signals, stressing functions in both the analog and digital domains and the flexibility to address user-defined testing requirements. Comprehensive test signal libraries are supplied in all formats and are supplemented by a Windows-based test signal development program. The modular architecture, RAM-based test signal generators, and programmable system clocks ensure the TG2000 will meet future needs as well as today's requirements.
The AVG1 is a high accuracy, multiformat analog test signal generator. The AVG1 supports NTSC, PAL, PAL-D, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, RGB, YC, and Y, B-Y, R-Y. Signal generation architecture is 12-Bit, 27 MHz component with digital modulation for composite signals. This ensures high accuracy, distortion free signals within a 6 MHz video bandwidth and signals suitable for many applications up to 8 MHz.
The DVG1 is a multiformat digital test signal generator. The DVG1 supports NTSC composite and 525 and 625 component digital sampled at 13.5 and 18 MHz. Parallel and serial outputs are provided.
Full field and active picture CRC generation is supported on the serial digital outputs and may be turned on and off from the front panel. Up to 16 channels of 20-Bit audio sampled at 48 kHz and locked to the video sampling clock may be embedded on the serial digital video output. Frequency and level for each channel may be set from the front panel.
TG2000 configured to supply signals in several formats simultaneously.
AWVG1 Analog Wideband Video Generator
The AWVG1 is a 30 MHz bandwidth test signal generator intended primarily for generation of wide band frequency and transient response test signals. The AWVG1 can be used as a source of tri-level sync. Signal generation is 12 Bits with 72 MHz sampling that ensures very low distortion T pulse generation for bandwidths up to 6 MHz. A fully programmable zone plate generator is included. AWVG1 output is analog composite.
The HDVG1 is a high-accuracy, multiformat, high-definition test signal module that provides three 1.485 Gb/s serial digital video test signal outputs in 1080i/60, 59.94, 1080p/25, and 24 Hz rates and 720p formats in 60 and 59.94 field rates. It is programmable with the included SDP2000 PC-based signal development software.
The HDST1 is a HD-SDI Stress Test module that supports stress test capability for 1.485 and 1.485/1,001 Gb/s HD-SDI signals. The HDST1 takes in a single HD-SDI signal and outputs a stressed HD-SDI signal. HD signals from test signal generators (including the HDVG1 module), as well as from HD cameras, VTRs, or switchers, can be used as the input signal. Signal stressing options include jitter (amplitude or frequency), amplitude, duty cycle, and random error insertion. The HDVG1 is recommended as a signal source, since it is capable of providing a signal with low residual jitter, as well as the ability to incorporate its frequency offset stress feature.
SDP2000 Signal Development Program
The SDP2000 is a Windows-based software program that provides facilities to edit signals in the factory-supplied test signal libraries and to create new signals for special applications. Line and frame editing functions permit fast, easy changes to full field test signals and composition of multi-segment matrix signals for automated testing applications. Modified and new signals may be named and stored in the factory test signal libraries or in new user-created libraries.
Internal and External Reference Operation
The TG2000 has a high stability internal reference making it suitable as the master house reference for most broadcast and production/post-production applications. A black burst output, selectable for NTSC or PAL, is provided with the TG2000 mainframe.
The TG2000 provides a versatile and comprehensive remote control system. All front panel functions and controls are available via the RS-232 and optional GPIB ports. A subset of those functions is available via ground closure control.
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