Tektronix TG2000 analog and digital signal generator.


Subject: Tektronix TG2000 analog and digital signal generator.
TEKTRONIX TG2000 With: 1 (AGL1) - 6 (AVG1) - 1 (BG1) Plugins.
TEKTRONIX TG2000 Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generator. Frequency Response - Within 0.5% to 6 MHz. Typically within 5% to 8 MHz.Amplitude: 800 mV ±10% into 75 Ohms.
The TG 2000 Signal Generation Platform provides multiformat, precision television test signals for both analog and digital video standards. The physical configuration is a mainframe with up to nine plug-in modules. Modules either generate signals or provide special functions, such as genlock capability.
The TG 2000 Signal Generation Platform addresses the needs of research and development, engineering, manufacturing test, and most operational environments
(Cost new $12,900.00 in '06 Tektronix)
* Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generation
* Reference Generator Performance Level
* Conforms to Analog and Digital, Video and Audio Industry Standards
* Modular Expandable Platform
* Designed for the Requirements of Today and the Future
* Fully Supports VM700T Video Measurement Routines
* RAM-based Test Signal Generators with Nonvolatile Storage
* Test Signal Libraries for All Formats
* Variable Analog and Digital Video Parameters
* Tested Good With Guarantee.
Inputs – Two 75 Ohms loopthrough;
Input Range: ±6 dB from nominal black burst.
≤1 ns change over a ±3 dB input level.
≤1 ns with ≥50 dB S/N ratio on a nominal amplitude reference input.
≤1 ns over the valid input range.
≤1 ns with ≥50 dB S/N ratio for a 2 V reference input. Typically ≤0.5º.
Timing Adjustment (Black Burst Reference) –
Range: Anywhere within the color frame.
Correct for up to ±45º SCH error on the reference input.
Voltage: 87 to 132 or 174 to 250 VAC.
Typically 220 W for a fully loaded TG2000 mainframe.
TEKTRONIX AVG1 - High accuracy, multiformat, analog, test signal generator Module. Supports NTSC, PAL, PAL-D, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, RGB, YC, and Y, B-Y, R-Y. Signal Generation Architecture is 12-Bit, 27 MHz Component With Digital Modulation for Composite Signals. This Ensures High Accuracy, Distortion Free Signals Within a 6 MHz Video Bandwidth and Signals Suitable for Many Applications up to 8 MHz. (Cost $5,450.00 in '06 Tektronix)
≥67 dB unweighted to 6 MHz,
TEKTRONIX BG1 - Black Generator Module.
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