Tektronix TDS794D 2GHZ 4CH 4GSA/s digital oscilloscope


Subject: Tektronix TDS794D 2GHZ 4CH 4GSA/s digital oscilloscope
Tektronix TDS794D/13/1F/2M/2F/2C Digital Oscilloscope
* Frequency Range/Bandwith: 2 GHz
* Min. Vertical Sensitivity: 10 mV/div
* Max. Vertical Sensitivity: 1 V/div
* Centronics-compatible hard drive, (option 13)
* 2M: Add 2M/channel memory length
* 2F: Extended waveform math: FFT, integration and differentiation
* 2C: Communication Signal Analyzer; includes comm. triggers and communication mask testing
Accessories included: Copies of Quick-Start and Programmer's Manuals and Service Guide
More about the instrument: Serial number: B010255 As you can see in the pictures, it is in good condition with few signs of wear and tear. All photos on this page are of the actual item offered here.
Guaranteed to be clean and fully operational, with 14-day right of return
About us: For 15 years Naptech has sold many thousands of pieces of test equipment to thousands of companies including to Government Contractors. We have five full-time engineers to ensure every instrument we supply performs reliably and to full manufacturer's specs. Naptech has a reputation for providing quality equipment at a reasonable price
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