Tektronix P6247 differential probe 1GHZ w/ acessories


Subject: Tektronix P6247 differential probe 1GHZ w/ acessories
Tektronix P6247 Differential Probe 1GHz w/ Acessories
The P6247 Differential Probe enables the user to make time domain or frequency domain measurements on high bandwidth signals commonly found in disk drive, digital IC design, and communications applications. The small probe head geometry and assorted probe tip accessories allow this probe to easily accomodate manual probing of surface mount devices while maintaining high CMRR. This probe may be used with oscilloscopes, spectrum or network analyzers, time interval analyzers, and bit error rate testers.
* Risetime: less than 350 ps
* Attenuation: Switchable: divided by 1.0, divided by 10.0
Thid probe has Maxtor calibration sticker thru 11-Feb-2007, and is a complete set with accessories and Box
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