Tektronix ORR24, gct module, adapters, calibration kit


Subject: Tektronix ORR24, gct module, adapters, calibration kit
Included: Tektronix ORR24, GCT Technologies Module, Various Cables and Adapters, Pelican Case
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Tektronix ORR24 Reference Reciever
The Tektronix ORR24 optical reference receiver provides an important interface for compliance testing of SDH/SONET optical transmission products or components. The amplified design of the ORR24 converts the incoming optical light into a high gain, low noise electrical signal. This allows easy testing of optical designs as well as repeatable measurements. The ORR24 is DC coupled which is required for accurate extinction ratio measurements.
The controlled frequency design of the ORR24 optical reference receiver ensures that the measurements correctly represent the true transmitted signal for the purpose of pulse shape analysis or eye-pattern measurements. A certificate of calibration and a frequency response graph are supplied with the ORR24 for performance documentation. The compact SDxx form factor enables the ORR24 to conveniently plug into the Tektronix 11800 or CSA803 Series sampling oscilloscopes for complete compliance testing.
This unit has the following features:
Supports SONET/SDH 2.488 Gb/s Data Rate
Reference Receiver Performance Compliant with ITU-T G.957
Built-in 4th Order Bessel-Thompson Frequency Response
2.0 GHz Bandwidth for Analyzing Communication Eye-patterns or General Purpose Optical Signals
Amplified Design for Accurate and Repeatable Measurements
Plug-in Form Factor That Is Compatible with 11800/CSA803 Series Sampling Scopes
This unit has the following applications:
Standards Compliance: SONET/SDH 2.488 Gb/s
Accurate Extinction Ratio Measurements
Eye-pattern and Pulse Shape Measurements
This unit has the following specifications:
Wavelength Range: 1100 nm to 1650 nm
Conversion Gain (typical): => 0.7 V/mW (1310 nm/1550 nm)
Maximum average linear response power: 100 µW (-10 dBm)
Maximum average nondestruct power: 5 mW (7 dBm)
Maximum peak nondestruct power: 10 mW (10 dBm)
* (1) Tektronix ORR24 Reference Reciever
* (1) Tektronix #0015-0560-00 Interconnect Cable (20 Ghz)
* (3) Tektronix #TEK174-1120-00 Interconnect Cables
* (3) #407065515 Cables (2 in.)
* (1) 9v Power Adapter Cable
* (1) HP #8493c Attenuator (6dB)
* (1) HP #87441D 2488 Mb/s SDH Filter
* (1) Male to Male Cable Adapter
* (1) Pelican Hard Carrying Case