Tektronix DG2020 data generator


Subject: Tektronix DG2020 data generator
Tektronix DG2020 Data Generator
Fully Calibrated, 90-Day Warranty
The Tektronix DG2020 Data Generator can import data patterns or vectors from other sources to supplement its built-in pattern creation and editing functions. Waveform data can be imported from another instrument (e.g., logic analyzer, oscilloscope, etc.) that has captured actual signals. Another source of "raw" data is a software package (e.g., spreadsheet, simulator, etc.) that synthesizes the desired stimulus pattern.
The DG2020 can directly read waveform files created by a number of Tektronix instruments including the TLS 216 logic scope, TDS oscilloscopes, GPX logic analyzers, and AWG 2000 arbitrary waveform generators. The DG2020 also reads a simple Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format which provides the link to virtually any source of data patterns. In each case, a 3.5 inch PC compatible floppy disk is used as the transport medium. Once the data is imported, you can generate the pattern "as-is" or you can modify the pattern using the DG2020's editing capabilities.
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