Tektronix AM503S current probe system


Subject: Tektronix AM503S current probe system
Tektronix AM503S Current Probe System
This unit includes one TM503B (3 Slot Power Module),one AM 503B (Current Orobe Amplifier), two empty Slot Module, one A0362 50MHz AC/DC Current Probe, one BNC Cable and one 50 Ohm Load Term.
The AM503B Current Probe Amplifier is the heart of the AM503S System. The AM503B amplifies and sums the voltage outputs from the transformer and Hall Effect device and outputs it to the measurement instrument. It also provides the Hall Effect Device bias voltage and a reverse "bucking" current that resists saturation of the A6312/A6302/A6303 Current Probe core.
The AM503B Current Probe Amplifier replaces the AM503A. All functions are microprocessor controlled, providing a significant improvement in ease of use and functionality. The AM503B uses bright, easy-to-read LEDs to display current/division settings which are controlled with up/down push buttons. A single push button provides both Degauss and auto-balance functions. An additional significant improvement with the AM503B is that individual A6312/A6302/A6303 probes no longer need to be calibrated with a specific amplifier but can be interchanged between AM503Bs and AM5030s. The AM503B and the AM5030 both support the new XL Series of current probes. The AM503 and the AM503A do not support the XL Series. The AM503B operates in any TM500/TM5000 power module. The 50 Ohm output of the AM503B can be displayed on any oscilloscope or measurement instrument that has a sensitivity setting of 10 mV/div. A 50 Ohm output cable and termination is included with the AM503B. The scope or measurement instrument requires at least a 400 MHz bandwidth to display the full bandwidth of the A6312 (100 MHz) and 50 MHz for the A6303. You can select either AC only mode or a DC mode which allows you to display a combined AC/DC current signal.
This item also included Power Cord and Instruction Manuals
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