Tek-temp tti tkd-100 7000 btu chiller ice-to_steam rang


Subject: Tek-temp tti tkd-100 7000 btu chiller ice-to_steam rang
TEK-TEMP TTI TKD-100 7000 BTU Recirculating Temperature Bath Chiller Ice to Steam range.
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Tek-Temp Instruments - TKD-100 Series single channel chillers, CFC free refrigeration systems
We are not sure if this is the current version of this model or not as we got a lot wider operating temperature range than specified. We did tweak the controls a little bit but I did not think nearly that much.
This is a 2 stage compressor unit. It uses 208 volts 3-phase.
Our reference meter said we got to a peak of about 96 degrees C (197 F) and the water was boiling as shown in the image below. At our altitude, we can't get an open container hotter than this.
With our reference gauge reading -1 C, the bath was really icing up and the compressor showed some frost.
This is an air-cooled unit. The fan and radiator are lower left in the image above. The compressors are lower right. The circulation pump motor is center left and the bath tank is upper right.
This is a decent looking unit inside and out.
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Might be just what you need for your serious recirculating liquid temperature application.
Condition looks good used. We have operated it pretty much over its range. The readings are pretty close to our reference gauge but could use a bit of fine tuning if you need better accuracy or need to operate right at the upper or lower limit.
Sold as-is-where-is. What you see is what you get. We are in the Desert Southwest so items may need dusting/cleaning when they arrive.
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