Technica ultra precision center hole grinder:


Subject: Technica ultra precision center hole grinder:
Technica Ultra precision Center Hole Grinder:
During Cylindrical Grinding operations, it is often assumed that the machine, it's bearings, imperfect balance of the wheel and defective centers, are the prime causes of poor results with respect to surface finish and geometric form. However, it has in fact proved that the condition of the center hole is the decisive factor. Perfectly geometric center holds are therefore of premier importance for cylindrical grinding. The following errors in center holds directly influence the quality obtained during cylindrical grinding.
In practice these errors combine with one another. The TECHNICA Center Hold Grinding Machine ZSM offers the best method of grinding center holes which are geometrically round. Such center holes are obtained through three simultaneous motions of the grinding wheel.
-Rotary motion of the grinding wheel
- Planetary motion of the grinding spindle
- Reciprocation motion of the grinding wheel in a plane surface forming an angle of 30 degrees with its axis.
This machine features the newer style air pressurized head for longer machine life and accuracy.
Motorized Chuck (110V single phase) with 3 Jaw Chuck (this was added by prior owner and is bolted directly to the machine column, see photos)
Max center hole ground, large end 2 inches
Min center hole ground, large end .050 inches
Machine Drives 240/420 Volt 3 phase 60 Cycle
Machine weight 890 lbs unskidded.
Overall Dimensions 24W x 24D x 72H inches.
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