Techni-drill cnc gun drill


Subject: Techni-drill cnc gun drill
Serial # 7158-09/98 New 1998 Model # 100-1.0-48-3A-CNC
Drill Range Diameter: .125" to 1.000"
"Z" Axis (Drill Stroke): 48" Plus Tool Change with (3) Whip Guides
"X" Axis (Column Travel): 60" Effective Travel
"Y" Axis (Spindle Vertical Column Travel): 36"
Spindle Speeds: Infinitely Variable 800 to 7200 RPM in (3) Ranges
Feeds: Variable from .5" to 24" Per Minute Plus Rapid Traverse
Chipbox Flying Bushing Stroke: .750"
The Gun Drill Way Unit is Hand Scraped and Fitted to Column Ways and Consist of the Following:
* Machine Ways 1.000" x 2.000" Hardened to 60 RC, Precision Ground and Hand Scraped for Alignment.
* Saddle Hand Scraped and Fitted to Ways.
* Precision Bored Spindle Housing, Carrying Class Seven Bearings with a Precision Ground Spindle.
* Spindle Drive Unit Utilizing a 7.5 HP AC Infinitely Variable Motor and Control - T.E.F.C.
* Feed Drive System Utilizing a 1.150" Ball Screw and Ball Nut Driven by a DC Servo Motor and Control.
* Three Whip Guide Assemblies.
* Chipbox to be Aligned to Spindle and Accommodate Drill Bushings from .125" to 1.000" Drill Range. Mounted to Chipbox Will be a Chute to Return Oil/Chips to Recovery Area. The Drill Bushing is Air Operated Providing .750" Forward Travel and Automatic Retract.
* All Ball Screws Shall be of Heavy Duty Industrial Quality.
* Effective Drill Travel 48" Allowing for (3) Whip Guides.
Electrical System is a Techni-Drill CNC with 3 Axis Point to Point Positioning, Part Program Storage, CRT Display with MDI for Machine Control Logic, Motor Starters, Fuses and Disconnect Mounted in a Nema 12 Enclosure.
Electrical System Includes Operational Limit Switches to Control Maximum Travel on Each Axis to Protect Against Override Travel on Ways. Operator's Control is Mounted on a Pendent Style Station. Control Includes Handwheel for Set Up Plus Graphic Preview of the Program.
The Control Enclosure Will Also be Fitted with an Adjustable Drill Condition Monitor That Will Shut Down the Machine in the Event of a Dull or Broken Gun Drill.
Automatic Lubrication Will be Provided to All Way Areas and Have Way Wipers Installed. Spindle Bearings Will Also be Automatically Lubricated with Spindle Mist Oil System.
The Floor Type Fixture Table Shall be of Heavy Duty Steel Fabrication That Will be Thermo Stress Relieved, Machined Complete with Location Cross Keyways and HD "T" Slots. The Table Top Shall be Approx. 32" Above Floor Level and Stationary, Thus Allowing for Extremely Heavy Piece Parts Through 60,000 Lbs.
One Model 40-1024-00 Coolant Pumping and Filtration System, Total Reservoir Capacity of 200 Gallons.
The System Will Include a 15 HP Motor to Drive the High Pressure Pump. High Pressure Pump to be a Variable Volume Self Compensating Piston Pump Which Will Provide 3 to 20 GPM and Up to 1500 PSI.
System Will Include a Transfer Pump to Move Oil From Settling Area to Filters. Filtration of Oil to 10 Micron Will be Provided by Use of 2 Banks of Disposable Cartridge Filters.
Coolant Pressure Switch to Shut Down Machine in the Event of Loss of Oil Flow or Pressure. Early Warning System to Shut Down Machine if Filters Require Changing.
Counter Bore Head: Drill Head with a Hydraulic Spindle Drive Motor Providing Up
to 6 HP. Spindle is Equipped with a Quick Change Tool Holder.
One Tapping Head with Quick Change Lead Screw and Hydraulic Motor Drive. Head
Includes a Quick Change Tap Holder and Two Extra Lead Screws. Includes a
Hydraulic Power Pack with Shuttle Valve. Head is Mounted on a Slide with a
Hydraulic Cylinder with 8" Travel.
Shell/Tube Head Exchanger with Thermostat Control
Work Holding Fixture Mounted to Work Table
Four New Filters for Filtration System
Hyper Tool Universal Gun Drill Sharpening Fixture, Model L
Assorted Chipbox Bearing Carriers
Automatic Pneumatic "Flying Bushing" with .750" Travel
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 460 Volts
Machine: 144" L-R x 102" F-B x 119" H
Work Table: 68" L-R x 56" F-B x 36" H
Control Cabinet: 60" L-R x 36" F-B x 100" H
Filtration System: 108" L-R x 42" F-B x 75" H