Tecan genmate 96 well auto pipettor / liquid handler


Subject: Tecan genmate 96 well auto pipettor / liquid handler
* Includes manuals, and everything pictured.
Here is a little bit of info on this system...
Set your eyes on this parallel pipetting solution for the high-throughput screening market. The TECAN GenMate can be integrated into the popular TECAN Genesis Series platform, TRAC system, or used as a stand-alone pipettor. The broad range of applications for the GenMate includes high throughput screening, assay development, molecular biology, microplate replication, full-plate serial dilutions and more.
Although GenMate occupies only standard lab bench width, the pipettor offers a nine-position, functional worktable and a tip ejection chute. Scientists choose 96-tip standard, 96-tip low volume or 384-tip pipetting heads. Planned, continual upgrades ensure GenMate will keep step with expanding automation needs.
GenMate is PC-based, using icon-based point-and-click architecture. When integrated with a Genesis Workstation, GenMate is controlled through Tecan's FACTS or Gemini software.
This is used, but in pristine, LIKE NEW condition. Guaranteed to be in proper, working condition.
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