Tcs basys SZ2165 digital 9 output boiler control


Subject: Tcs basys SZ2165 digital 9 output boiler control
The SZ2165 is a microprocessor based boiler controller. It is designed for use on multi-stage boiler applications and includes chiller support and control.
• Stand-alone or network operation
• Stand-alone or network operation
• 365-day time clock with two holiday schedules, automatic leap year and daylight savings correction
• No backup battery required for control parameters, schedule or clock
• Hot water supply and return temperature inputs
• Chilled water supply and return temperature input
• Two digital outputs for chillers
• One digital output for alarm
• Mixed water temperature input
• Outdoor air temperature input
• Outdoor air reset control
• Two digital inputs for pump status
• External time clock input
• Local override and remote override capability
• Six digital outputs for boilers, pumps and boiler stages
• Adjustable offsets and differentials on digital outputs
• Lead/Lag sequencing of up to four boilers
• Analog input for pressure control
• Two modulating analog outputs for valves and VFDs
• Adjustable P+I+D control on modulating outputs
• LEDs for monitoring status
• Automatic rotation of pumps
• Automatic rotation of boiler and chiller stages
• Domestic hot water function