Taylor soft serve ice cream machine


Subject: Taylor soft serve ice cream machine
Offer all the popular soft serve variations from low or non-fat
ice creams to custards, yogurt and sorbet. Serve two
separate soft serve flavors, or an equal combination of both
Two, 20 quart (18.9 liter). Separate hopper refrigeration (SHR)
maintains mix below 41ºF (5ºC) in Auto and Standby modes.
Mix Low light alerts the operator to add mix.
Finished product quality is monitored by Softech
During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe
product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.
Two dedicated electrical connections are required. See the Electrical chart for
the proper electrical requirements. Manufactured to be permanently
connected. Consult your local Taylor distributor for cord & receptacle
specifications as local codes allow.
Separate Hopper Refrigeration (SHR), One, 400 BTU/hr. R134a.
(BTUs may vary depending on compressor used.)
Minimum 3” (76 mm) around all sides. Install the deflector to prevent
recirculation of warm air. Minimum air clearances must be met to assure
adequate air flow for optimum performance.
Water inlet and drain connections under side of base 1/2” FPT.
A Division of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.
Fuse Size Circuit Ampacity Poles (P)
Left Right Left Right Wires (W)
208-230/60/1 Air 25 20 21 16 2P 3W
208-230/60/1 Water 25 20 18 16 2P 3W
208-230/60/3 Air 20 15 15 11 3P 4W
208-230/60/3 Water 15 15 13 11 3P 4W
220-240/50/1 Air 20 15 16 12 2P 3W
380-415/50/3N~ Air 10 5.6 9 5 4P 5W
This unit may be manufactured in other electrical characteristics. Refer to the local
Taylor Distributor for availability.
(For exact electrical information, always refer to the data label of the unit.)