Taylor 774 2 head twist soft serve ice cream yogurt


Subject: Taylor 774 2 head twist soft serve ice cream yogurt
You are looking at a Taylor 2 head w/ twist soft serve ice cream machine.
This unit was working great when removed!
Offer all the popular soft serve variations from low or non-fat ice creams to custards, yogurt and sorbet. Serve two separate soft serve flavors, or an equal combination of both in a twist. A built-in storage area conveniently provides a choice of four sundae toppings: two heated, and two room temperature.
Two, 20 quart (18.9 liter). Separate hopper refrigeration (SHR) maintains mix below 41ºF (5ºC) during Auto and Standby modes.
Mix Low light alerts operator to add mix.
Finished product quality is monitored by Softech
TM controls that measure viscosity.
During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.
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